January 15, 2019

'NCIS' star Michael Weatherly's son is grown up now. He is even more handsome than famous dad

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It seems like good looks run in the family.

Actor Michael Weatherly, who has been capturing the imagination of millions of fans, has an equally good-looking son, reported E!Celebrity.com.

Michael Weatherly first appeared in Dark Angel in 2000 as Logan Cale, then going on to make an impression the cheeky Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS from 2003-2016.

He then headed the cast of his own show, Bull as Dr. Jason Bull in 2017. The series is about a trial scientist whose expertise lies in picking juries.

Besides being an actor and a TV star, Weatherly is a family man. He fell in love and married fellow actress Amelia Heinle in February 1995.



The couple has a son together, August Manning Weatherly. The 22-year-old is as handsome and charming as his famous father.

Weatherly admitted that his son went through a difficult time at the time of his parents’ separation. However, the family is now closer than ever.


Weatherly and Heinle parted ways in 1997. The actor was later engaged to actress Jessica Alba in 2000, but the relationship did not last long and the couple ended it amicably in 2003.

Weatherly then met Bojana Jankovic, 37, in 2007, and was instantly captivated by her beauty. Speaking about the moment he first saw her, he said, “I kept looking out of the corner of my eye and seeing this ravishing, gorgeous beauty.”


Born in Serbia and now a resident and citizen of the United States, Jankovic is an internist at Cedars-Sinai Health Associates and Cedars-Sinai Medical Group.

About two years after they first met, Weatherly and Jankovic married on September 6, 2009.


The actor confessed that the failure of his first marriage made him determined to be a better man, a good husband, and a good father.

The couple has welcomed two children, Olivia in 2012 and Liam in 2013. In his farewell statement while leaving the NCIS cast after starring in 13 seasons, Weatherly said that his children were excited to have him around.

He took a break for a few months before returning to shoot for his new CBS series.

The family resides at their beautiful home in Hollywood Hills along with two pet dogs.