Blackberry hair color trend for brunettes. Do you like it?

Apr 11, 2018
12:40 P.M.
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Gorgeous hair color inspired by the blackberry hues has been trending on the social media. Here's how it can be applied.


A Maryland-based hair stylist, Megan Schipani colored one of her clients' hair in a sensuous blackberry hue and took to Instagram to share the impressive work.

According to Simple Most, the deep purple hue is gaining a momentum as a trend on Instagram. The hue has proved to be more desirable than other brighter shades as it does not require a platinum base to shine.

The source suggested that the blackberry color works best on darker shades with some kind of highlights. So, it is becoming quite popular amongst the brunettes. The color also does not require high maintenance and frequent touch-ups.


“My client came in telling me that she was a busy mom who needed a low-maintenance color that was still fun,” the source quoted Schipani as revealing the origin of her popular hair color.

Regarding the process of actually getting that look on a hair, Schipani used Lanza Vibe, which is 'violet with a hint of blue' after achieving just enough balayage highlights. She then painted the newly made hue over her client's lightened locks.


She also ensured that the color was low maintenance by not touching on the roots of the hair. In the end, she applied Trauma Treatment and oil to keep strands of her hair healthy and shiny.

The source informed that the impressive blackberry color is not the first time when the hair stylist, Schipani, has experimented with berry patch.

A couple of months earlier, she mixed Pulp Riot, Schwarzkopf and Brazilian Bond Builder products in her formulas to make the purple balayage.

It was further suggested by the online source that the key to getting the perfect purple hues was matching the shade of the hair color to the client's skin tone.