Sam Elliott's secret of a long happy marriage: it's not as easy as it looks at first glance

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have been together for over three decades now, and the actor shared the secret of their happy marriage.

Hollywood marriages are infamously unstable and short-lived, so to see a couple who have been happily and successfully married for more than thirty years is a rarity.

One such rarity is Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross’s marriage. The stunning couple has been together for the last 33 years, and they still look as passionately in love as ever.

The couple first worked on the same set in the late sixties, when Ross was the leading lady in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Elliot was credited as Poker Player#2.

Ross was an A-lister, famous for her iconic roles in The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, and The Stepford Wives; Elliot was a character actor handicapped by his refusal to shave off his majestic mustache.

“Marriage is work, but it’s worth it. We have a common sensibility, but we also work at being together. You don't walk away from it. That's how relationships last."

Sam Elliot

This made Ross part of Cinematographic History since the American Film Institute ranked Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as the 49th-greatest American film in its 100 Years

It was only ten years later that Elliot and Ross would finally connect as a romantic couple on the set of The Legacy in London. In that movie, they played a couple terrorized by a supernatural menace at a creepy English estate. By the end of the shoot, they were in love, and Elliot wanted to marry her.  

Though Elliot had never married, Ross had been married four times to Joel Fabiani, John Marion, Conrad L. Hall, and Gaetano Lisi. None of her marriages had lasted longer than 5 years, and she was reluctant to take the fifth plunge into matrimony, but Elliot was adamant.

The couple who married in 1984, and it seems that 5th time was the charm for Ross, and this last marriage is in its 33rd year and counting.

Elliott's career took off when he participated in the award-winning movie oppositer Cher, The Mask. Epic roles in the movies Tombstone, The Big Lebowiski, The Golden Compass, and the series Justified followed. Elliot currently stars in the Netflix series The Ranch, and at 73, when most actors retire, he is seeing a rise in his popularity.

Ross famously said that she was attracted to Elliott’s baritone voice, rugged good looks, mustache, and these are the characteristics that have made him a star.

The couple divides their time between homes in California and Oregon and has a daughter, Cleo Rose. Cleo is a musician, as strong-willed as her father, and as beautiful as her mother.She was born in 1985 and is now a musician.

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