Remember Jim Carrey's cute daughter, Jane? She has grown up into an unrecognizable beauty queen

Most people out there don’t even know or remember that one of the funniest and most beloved comedic stars from Hollywood has a daughter, but she is slowly making a name for herself.

When Jim Carrey was making his first steps into stardom thanks to his success on the sketch comedy series In Living Color, his life took a turn when he learned his wife of the time, Melissa Womer, was expecting a child.

This was years before Carrey became a household name for his starring roles in films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber, but the rising star was determined since the beginning to set a new standard for fatherhood in Hollywood.

One of the most important things for him to do was keeping his daughter, Jane Carrey, away from the spotlight as much as possible. He was so good at this that the media soon forgot about the actor’s only child, as Stanton Daily reported.

Thanks to her father’s precaution, Jane could live her life at her own pace and she had the chance to figure things out before giving her try to the entertainment business, which she did in 2012 when she took the stage on American Idol as a contestant.

Born in 1987, Jane was the product of the romance her father had with her mother Melissa Womer, an actress and waitress who worked at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.

Jim meet Womer there, where he used to perform and she used to wait tables, and they quickly fell in love and soon married. Not long after that, Jane was born. The couple stayed together for the next eight years and they divorced in 1995.

Despite the ending of the marriage and Jim becoming a high-profile celebrity, Jane and him managed to stay close while still protecting her privacy, away from the scrutiny of the gossip media.Jane and Jim were so discreet that she even made small appearances on stage along with her father and accompanied him to red carpet events and it was barely publicized.  

Jane fell in love and married to Alex Santana on November 2009, but it was a very short marriage. The two separated and divorced within two years, but Jane became mother to a son, named Jackson Riley.  

After the failure of that marriage, Jane found strength in motherhood and got the courage she needed for a new start, and decided to pursue an old dream of hers: becoming a singer. She soon had her own namesake band: The Jane Carrey Band.

The band shared their recorded material on their YouTube channel, gaining hundreds of thousands of views. Jane was right on track as a singer, with iTunes picking her singles for download and some of her songs featured on the soundtrack of Dumb and Dumber To. 

In 2012, when she participated in American Idol, the show didn’t resist to try to cash in on her celebrity links, and they interviewed it about her experience growing up with her famous father.

She talked to them about the importance of finding her own way, as her father worked hard to protect her from his own fame. Thanks to this she grew up an independent woman who worked as a waitress to support herself and her son.

‘The last name definitely helps and hurts. I feel like there’s kind of this pressure to maybe be better, because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying, ‘Oh you only got there because of this’,’ she shared on American Idol.

Unfortunately, Jane only went so far in the singing competition, making it through the first round of auditions to later be eliminated the following week. But this hasn’t stopped her to continue growing as an artist in front of her band.

Now 30 years old, Jane still works as a waitress, and she refuses to lose her independence or to take advantage of her father’s name. We are sure that with that spirit, Jane will earn her own success in the industry.