Young nurse adopts an abused baby. But the news about baby's twin thrills her even more

Pedro Marrero
Apr 11, 2018
06:24 P.M.
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Jess Hamm, from Jacksonville, Florida, had always wanted to be a mother but never had kids of her own.


Instead, she works as a nurse at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, treating the many young patients who come through each day like family. But one day her life turned upside down after she spotted a tiny baby girl on the emergency room.

The 30-year-old nurse saw little Delilah on a gurney with broken bones, a skull fracture, and severe malnourishment. At 14 months old, Delilah couldn’t sit up or hold a bottle because she was too weak, as reported Faith Tap.

Delilah was brought to the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit in shockingly poor condition. As Hamm took care of the emaciated toddler, she knew the girl would need something more and felt in her heart that she could give it to her.


“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I’m going to take her home,’” Hamm said. She went through the Florida Department of Children and Families to start the formal adoption process and surprisingly discovered that Delilah had a sister who was at the same hospital.

After finding out this information, nurse Hamm decided to adopt both girls. One blessing then became two. She cared for both girls at the hospital before adopting them and bringing them home.


As soon as the staff at the hospital realized Hamm had made the decision to take the girls in, they banded together to donate clothes, toys, and other necessities. Hamm quickly went out to buy two cribs and two car seats.

Hamm, a full-time nurse, said she was still worried about Delilah, however. She had to have an operation to have a drain placed in her brain and she wasn’t sure whether she would make it.

Delilah made a miraculous recovery, however, and went to live with Hamm just a month after her twin sister. Both girls couldn’t even sit up on their own when they initially met Hamm and now they are meeting many of the milestones that a 2-year-old should.

Their days are now spent singing songs and seeking out new discoveries. Through encouragement, consistent meals, and unconditional love, the twins are growing stronger day by day in an environment that every child deserves.