After becoming paralyzed, Robert Conrad is 83 now and looks great

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 11, 2018
06:34 P.M.
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Some people are so stubborn that no matter how much help they need, they will always refuse to accept it.


That’s the case of Robert Conrad, the 83-year-old actor who is confined to a wheelchair after he had a bad car accident in March 2003. Conrad himself caused the crash as he was driving under the influence.

After the accident, he couldn’t control his left arm and suffered a partial paralysis of the right side of his body. With such injuries, it would be more than reasonable to accept help from the ones who care about him.

The truth is completely different, though. Radar Online reported that, in April 2017, he was trying to get into a car when a caregiver rushed to help him while other three stood near them to give a hand if necessary. Conrad made some crude and ungrateful comments


‘God almighty, so I need help getting into a Cadillac! The next time I need help getting into a car I’ll dance, OK?’

Robert Conrad, Radar Online, May 2, 2017.


While being rude might be his way to look tougher and block other people, even if they just want to help, his mental faculties remain untouched. Despite the fact he is disabled, he has been keeping himself busy.

He has hosted a weekly two-hour national radio show titled The PM Show with Robert Conrad on CRN Digital Talk Radio since 2008. He confessed to being happy with the radio and claimed that it is one of the most successful shows on radio.

Conrad finally admitted that after his five decades in the industry, he was glad about the things he has accomplished.

One of his roles that kept in people’s memory was Secret Service agent James T. West on the TV series The Wild Wild West, which run from 1965 to 1969.