Woman devastated after 4 miscarriages. Doctor looks at ultrasound and finds more than one baby

Apr 12, 2018
01:04 A.M.
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Things were dire for her to the point that she didn't even believe it anymore, but this woman was finally shocked when she realized it was true.


Many women struggle with infertility and many others suffer the tragedy of miscarriages. This woman couldn't have thought what was her part on this.

According to Good Inside Us, 39-year-old Allyson Ponto, and her husband, Tony, were faced with this reality for more than a decade.

Ponto had the worst of lucks when she had four miscarriages in a row, and every time she discovered that she was not going to have a baby, she was even more devastated.

Finally, the couple managed to get pregnant again after trying different fertilization methods, but they were cautious about getting their hopes too high.


The same outlet explained that when Allyson took a pregnancy test and saw that it was positive, she was hesitant to get too excited, afraid that another miscarriage may occur.

“I was totally prepared for a letdown. Or for something to be wrong,” Allyson said.



She was due for an ultrasound, and when the doctor began to examine her more closely, he discovered she was pregnant with quadruplets.

After four heartbreaking miscarriages, the Pontos were shocked to the fact that she was now pregnant with quadruplets. They felt like God gave them the opportunity all over again.


Olivia Susan, Anna Louise, Morgan Price, and Carolyn Grace were born in approximately four minutes, and they all weighed around two to three pounds.

And while doctors had to monitor them for a while as they continued to grow, they soon were ready to go home and start enjoying themselves.

Currently, these four lovely girls are continuing to grow while the Pontos are happily adjusting to their large family. The dream came true after all.