Antonio Banderas refuses to retire from acting amid recent scary heart attack

Apr 12, 2018
02:03 A.M.
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Antonio Banderas, 57, suffered a heart attack recently and most people thought he would retire from acting. Well, AmoMama brings you news on why the actor will not retire as gathered from the Daily Mail.


Last year, Antonio Banderas was rushed to hospital when he suffered a heart attack. The diagnosis meant that he had to slow down and maybe make some changes in his life, and he did that for a while. He stopped acting so as to rest and continued taking the meds that his doctors gave him, but a good actor will only stay down for so long. Banderas is back in action because he couldn’t bear to live his life as though he was “already dead.”


'I take the drugs [the doctors] recommended. I thought I was going to stop working a little bit more, but I decided not to because I missed my life and that's it. Sometimes I complain that I need to stop or need some rest, but after two days I want to eat myself alive. This is what I do, this is my life. I don't want to live my life like I'm already dead. I'm just going to live it, and if I die, I die.”

Despite carrying on with his work, the actor admitted to being so scared when he suffered chest pains for the first time that he stopped smoking since. ‘It was scary, to tell you the truth. It was something that I knew before, but then you see it very clearly in front of you - and that's that the existence of death is very real. I stopped smoking. I do a lot of sport.'


The actor, who was married to Melanie Griffith for 19 years till 2015 says he will continue learning new skills as he has all his life. 'I have been a student my whole life, I don't stop studying and I'm going to continue. I don't consider myself a master of anything.’

Some valuable lessons on life-long learning right there. We wish Banderas well. Talk to us in comments.