Abby Lee Miller was reportedly rushed to emergency room days after she was released from prison

Apr 12, 2018
02:43 A.M.
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Just days after her release from prison, Abby Lee Miller was rushed to the emergency room.


AmoMama shares with you details of Abby Lee Miller’s health scare as she was rushed to the emergency room just days after her release, as reported by Inquistr on April 10, 2018.


Back in July 2017 Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to prison for tax fraud and hiding more than $700,000 from the government.

Towards the end of last month, Abby was released from prison and sent to a halfway house facility called the Residential Reentry Center to complete her sentence till May 25 but Abby is out of the house earlier than normal based on health issues.

On Tuesday, Abby was rushed to the emergency room at the Los Angeles hospital by the L.A fire department medics after they responded to a call from Abby concerning an unspecified medical complaint.


It was said that although Abby might have encountered a health scare, she seemed strong enough as she walked out of the halfway house of her own accord to get into the waiting ambulance.

It’s been speculated that Abby went to the emergency room in order to be seen for an issue that hasn’t been disclosed.


Suggestions are that Abby is up to something as she has been doing very fine in the halfway house which boasts of a well structured, supervised and safe environment.

The Halfway house is said to be a place where people who have almost completed their sentence revive employment counseling, job placement, and financial management assistance before their final release into the system and so Abby wasn’t subjected to any form of hard labor.

No statement or news has been released concerning what exactly was wrong with Abby that resulted in her being rushed to the emergency room or if her stay at the halfway house will be elongated or shortened due to her health scare but whatever it is we wish her a speedy recovery.