Man pulls out a 4-foot snake from an unlikely spot at a gas station. It's so scary

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 12, 2018
07:14 A.M.
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Those who have cars know that going to a gas station is one of the most common and not-exiting things in the world.


Something completely different happened in Cedartown, Georgia. Everything started when a 17-year-old man and his father were getting gas at a particular pump and they realized that there was something weird blocking the dispenser.

Liftable reported that, after a closer look, they saw it was a snake curled in the pump. They got scared and the rest of the motorists got together and recorded everything.

Brandon Radke knew he had to do something about it. He used his flannel shirt and the nozzle of the pump to grab the snake and take it out of its hiding spot.

The same motorists who got together couldn’t believe what they were seeing as Radke was walking calmly with the 4-foot snake wrapped around his arm.


He later confessed he knew it was a rat snake and that, since they are non-venomous, it was safe to take it out the way he did it. It doesn’t mean his actions were not brave, though, as he remained calm the entire time.

‘Snakes are more afraid of us. They just want to be left alone, but unfortunately, he was in a gas pump.’

Brandon Radke, Liftable, June 27, 2017.

Radke, who learned how to handle snakes watching Steve Irwin on The Crocodile Hunter, deposited the animal in the woods near the gas station to make sure it went back to its natural habitat.

Even though he kept saying that what he did was ‘no big deal,’ the rest of the people at the station that day saw him as a hero. The video, which was uploaded to social media, became viral in no time and has been shared more than 2,000 times.

From that point on, residents of Cedartown always take a closer look at the gas pumps before actually holding them.