Duchess Kate reveals Prince George's nickname for the Queen. So cute

Apr 12, 2018
07:59 A.M.
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Most grandchildren share a special bond with their grandparents.


All Cute All the Time reported that Prince George has a nickname for the Queen of England.

Most grandchildren adore their grandparents from day one, and vice-versa. As years go by, there is a special bond that only deepens.

There is one little boy who known love for his grandmother all too well and he is Prince George of Wales. He is a great-grandson to one of the most well-known women on the planet – Queen Elizabeth II.

His love for his great-grandmother is pure and simple as most children’s love is. The four-year-old has already developed quite a special relationship with his great-grandmother.


Though the Queen is 91 years old, the little Prince is not the usual boisterous young boy. He knows exactly what his grandmother likes.

Recently, the Prince’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, revealed that their little son has his great-grandmother completely wrapped around his fingers.


He is quite the sweetheart with his grandmother and they have a special relationship, though he can be quite naughty with the others.

George even has a nickname for his grandmother. The rest of the world refers to her as Her Majesty or Her Royal Highness, but the Prince prefers to call her, “Gran Gran.”


According to media reports, George used to call the Queen “Gary” when he was younger after struggling to pronounce “Granny.”

Columnist Richard Kay revealed that the Queen once helped her little great-grandson after he had fallen over at Buckingham Palace. He had shouted ‘Gary, Gary’ and the Queen had rushed over to him.

A guest at the Palace who went to help asked who Gary was, assuming it was a member of the Royal family. 

The Queen told the guest that she was Gary. She explained that the little one had not learned to say granny yet.