Heroic dog saved two small kids from a venomous snake. It could have been a huge tragedy

Apr 12, 2018
09:47 A.M.
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Two brave dogs jumped to the defense of their masters against a lethal copperhead snake.


Slayer and Paco, two pit bulls of the Butt family, stopped a venomous copperhead snake, protecting the grandchildren of the family. But the two brave dogs got bitten and had to be rushed to the emergency, Gladwire reported.

The source informed that the two dogs had been playing outside, along with the grandchildren, when they noticed some movement in the grass. Later, the dogs sensed that the shadows in the grass were actually dangerous for the family.

A large venomous snake - which was later identified as a copperhead - emerged from the grass and was 'eyeing up' the grandchildren of the Butt family, the source reported.


The dogs then started to bark and warned the family of the danger. This prompted the grandmother, Melisha Butt, to take an action as she quickly sent the kids inside to safety.

Unfortunately, when she returned, she found that both of her dogs had been bitten by the snake. She knew then that it was only a matter of time that the venom would start having its effect.


The two dogs had been guarding the family against the snake when it attacked the canines. The source suggested that it lunged at the two dogs and bit them multiple times and injected them with the lethal venom.

Slayer had then gotten hold of the snake's neck and shook it violently until it was dead. However, both the dogs had been infused with venom by this time and had begun reacting to it.


Melisha took both the dogs to the nearby vet, but as per their situation, they were referred to BluePearl emergency vet in Brandon, Florida.

Both the dogs were given heavy doses of antivenom. After the treatment, Paco recovered and was released a day later.

Slayer, meanwhile, is still recovering as per the online source. However, he is getting better each day and was making gradual progress.