'The Voice' introduces a new rule for the upcoming season that will totally change the show's flow

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 12, 2018
10:57 A.M.
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Most producers of successful TV shows know that they must make a couple of innovations from time to time to keep the audience entertained.


The Voice is no different. It is currently in its 14th season, which means that they had to add something new to avoid people from being bored of watching the same things all over again.

Country Rebel reported that they did a couple of improvements to the coaches’ chairs. They added a ‘block’ button right under the famous red button that gives the coaches the chance to block other from showing their interests in one of the artists.

That new addition was done during the blind auditions. While some people said it was a great way to make things more difficult for the coaches, others admitted it prevented the contestants from going with the coach they really wanted to work with.


After that, the production introduced the ‘save’ button for the knockout rounds. When the knockout ended, any coach could use the button to keep an artist only if any other coach tried to steal them first.

That’s not all. The same source revealed that The Voice will now air Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights instead of doing so only on Monday and Tuesday. The Monday one will last two hours while the other two will run for one.


Even though the show has aired three episodes in the same week before (the traditional two episodes plus a third one showing exclusive behind-the-scenes or extra footage), it will be the first time it will air three live episodes in one week.

The final addition The Voice will do starting on April 23 will be the ‘theme weeks.’ It’s not planned to be as cliché as the ‘Country Week’ or ‘Love Song Week,’ though.

There will be the ‘Story of the Song,’ when artists will reveal what the song means to them, ‘Fan Pick,’ when contestants will sing a song picked by their followers, and ‘Challenge Week,’ when they would have to choose a specific song or genre.

Finally, there is the ‘Special Duets’ one, when artists will be teamed up in duos to sing two songs in a unique way. They are expected to be pushed to their limits and see what they are made for.