John Travolta was reportedly involved in the scary plane incident while controlling a plane

Feb 08, 2019
06:07 A.M.
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Over 20 years ago, a near-fatal accident happened in Washington D.C. that was almost never spoken about. AmoMama learns from a report on Radar that Travolta was on the reigns of the ill-fated jet.


In 1992, a private jet rammed into a packed passenger plane in D.C and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. Now, reports say that the man in control of the plane was John Travolta and the plane in question is his notorious gay orgy jet.

A National Transportation Safety Board review determined that midair collision was almost inevitable. A source inside the plane told Radar that they were all scared. “The threat of a midair collision was very real. We definitely held our breath!”


The Gulfstream II lost electrical power at 30,000 high and the cockpit was thrown into total darkness while its safety systems, including radio and radar, were knocked out. In the jet was Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, their now-deceased son, Jett, and two friends from Florida to Maine. Luckily, no one was hurt as they made an emergency landing.

During the entire ordeal, Travolta was hailed for his efforts to land the plane safely even though he was in total darkness. He reportedly made a distress call just before blackout that saved the lives of everyone on the plane. Air controllers knew to look out for him even though he was not lit.


USAir pilot, Capt. Jeff Hightower recalled the chilling near-miss in detail.

“You want to help other people out, but he didn’t have any lights. It’s like driving into a head-on collision. It didn’t make any sense. What were we going to do, lead these guys down through the clouds? After air traffic control came on and told us we’d passed them, I remember thinking, ‘Let’s get the hell out of here!'”

Thankfully, they all landed safely.

The jet is now known as Travolta’s sex jet where the actor, 64, reportedly satisfies his gay lust. He is said to fly dozens of male models for transglobal orgies in his private planes.

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