Cop stops for food after shift, but instead he helps elderly woman inside the restaurant

Pedro Marrero
Apr 12, 2018
08:36 P.M.
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Officer Gbolahan Fadeyi had just come off of a long 10-hour shift and made a pit stop at the same Texas chicken restaurant to grab a bite before taking on another shift.


Inside, employees told him there was an elderly woman who had been sitting in the restaurant for the last four hours, and asked if he could he go over and check on her. Officer Fadeyi approached the elderly woman to see if something was wrong.

The woman told the officer her wheelchair had run out of battery power. Without a working wheelchair, the disabled woman had been stranded for hours at the restaurant and she had no way to get home.

According to a Liftable report, he learned that the stranded elderly woman lived eight blocks down the road. So he made a phone call and two fellow cops showed up with a “new chariot” for the woman.


Officer Fadeyi knew the police station had a spare wheelchair, and immediately called a couple of fellow cops for backup. Thankfully, it didn't take long for Officer Francisco Reyes and rookie Officer Janea Draper to personally hand-deliver the new wheels.


Instead of dealing with a busy street full of clogged intersections, Officer Janea Draper pushed the woman in the wheelchair as her fellow officers followed in their patrol cars until she was home safe.

Officers Fadeyi and Reyes packed the woman's belongings into their patrol car and followed close behind. All three friendly officers made sure the woman was safe inside her apartment before they bid her farewell.

“You can’t teach officers to police with their hearts. They went out of their way to help this woman,” was some of the words of Sergeant Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department.

This lucky woman must have certainly appreciated the extra mile, or at least 8 blocks, that these officers went through to get her home safe and sound.