Wife informs husband of $23.3 million lottery win on camera. Husband cries 'like a baby'

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 12, 2018
11:23 P.M.
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His wife had good news and bad news when he got back.


As reported by Liftable, the Smithville couple Robert (Bob) and Sandra Donaldson become multi-millionaires with $23.3 million lotto win. Bob cried like a baby when his wife shared the great news with him.

When Bob left for a trip to China, he asked his wife clean up after their dog and buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket while he was away.

The retired Dofasco manager played his own chosen numbers rather than having the computer to choose for him.

Bob had no idea that his wife of 36 years was hiding a huge secret while he was in China.


When he returned home, the retired personal support worker sat him down on the couch. Bob immediately thought that something was up during that time.

Sandra told Bob that she had good news and bad news.

Bob asked his wife to give him the good news first.

"Good news — you can get a new car sooner than you think," she told him.


When Bob asked for the bad news, Sandara said, "Bad news — we have to go see our lawyer right away."

Sandra then handed Bob something that made his expression changed. He was in total disbelief at the time.

His wife confessed that she didn't actually clean up after the dog while he was away. Not only that, she also didn’t buy his lottery ticket with his chosen numbers.

Sandra opted for a Quick Pick when she bought the Lotto 6/49 ticket for Bob. Little did she know that her choice turns out to be a good one.

That ticket ended up winning the couple $23.3 million, according to Liftable.

"I guess I can forgive her for not cleaning up after the dog," Bob joked in a statement from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

The couple planned to get a new car and build a walk-in closet in their home. They also planned to share their winnings with their family.