Nosy shopper tells mom to stop 'spoiling' her baby. Then she gets a powerful response

Apr 13, 2018
03:35 A.M.
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An adoptive mother reacted towards a stranger from Target who called her out for “spoiling her baby.”


Kelly Dirkes was casually shopping at Target with her adopted daughter, not knowing that she would experience something that would change her life by inspiring others.

A random woman walked up to her and said that she would spoil her baby by carrying her around. The stranger continued to say that the baby would never learn to be independent.

Dirkes reacted politely and graciously. She just smiled at the woman, kissed her baby’s head, and continued shopping.

Did You Know Facts revealed that Dirkes has adopted kids with Down syndrome. 


Sometime in April 2016, she wrote an open letter to the stranger and posted it on Facebook.

She expressed how she truly felt about the woman’s unsolicited advice.

She started the letter by letting the woman know that she has heard her comment before. She went on to write, ‘If you only knew what I know.’

Dirkes shared that her baby had spent her first ten months alone in a sterile metal crib in an orphanage.

She said that the baby would just lay in her crib and never cry because somehow she knew that nobody was going to respond.


Dirkes added that, in fact, her baby is ‘heartbreakingly independent’ and how she and her husband will spend a very long time to make the baby believe that she is now safe in their arms.

By the end of her sweet poem, Dirkes proudly wrote that the baby already whimpers when she is put down when before, she used to cry every time she was being picked up.

She also shared how happy everyone was and how they shed tears on the day the baby first reached out for comfort on her own free will.

Dirkes finally wrote, ‘“Spoiling that baby” is the most important job I will ever have, and it is a privilege. I will carry her for a little while longer–or as long as she’ll let me–because she is learning that she is safe. That she belongs. That she is loved.’

Her post immediately became viral and inspired other moms all over the world.