These 4 siblings suffered difficult childhoods. Then two guardians came into their lives

Apr 13, 2018
06:31 A.M.
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With a rough period behind them, the siblings dreamt of a happy future.


Parenting Isn’t Easy reported that four siblings from Kansas wanted to be together under the same roof.

Alisia, Bradley, Cody, and Emma were put up for adoption since they were abused in their childhood. 

The siblings also knew that the adoption processes would end up in splitting them and the chances were especially high for the four of them.

The children were 17, 16, 15, and 11 at the time of adoption and were looking for a new home. If they were to be separated, it would leave them heartbroken.

They had already gone through the most likely scenarios which would see the sisters, Alisia and Emma, going to one adoption home together, and the brothers, Bradley and Cody, going to another one.


That is when a couple decided to step in. Eric and Phyllis Watson from Gardner had their licenses to become foster parents and also had the potential to adopt. 


The adoption agency called the two with a first adoption case and they were introduced to these four siblings whose only wish was to stay together.

Eric confessed that they were thinking of adopting one child or maybe two, but never had thought of adopting four at once. 

“The turning point for me was they were going to be split up and I didn’t want to see that.”

Eric Watson, Parenting Isn’t Easy, April 6, 2018.

Phyllis said that her husband had thought things over and decided to take the children. Though both have full-time jobs, they were not sure if they could care for all four at the same time.


They slept over it and decided that the four could not get separated and decided to meet them.

The six of them clicked and they happily adopted Alisia, 17, Bradley, 16, Cody, 15, and Emma, 11, tripling their family in size. The family also had to make the adoption official in court and they were more than happy to oblige.


Though they were initially hesitant, Eric and Phyllis decided to go through and got a bigger house and a bigger car so everyone could fit in.

The case was also special for District Judge Kathleen Sloan. She was even brought to tears by this heartwarming adoption. She said that it was the best hearing she had in the courtroom and probably the best hearing that any judge could have in the entire United States.

The Judge was emotional and inspired by the heartwarming gesture and ordered the courtroom to give the newly expanded Watson family a standing ovation.

The siblings were victims of a couple with substance abuse and were neglected by their biological parents. But they now have a family and a future ahead of them.