Cindy Crawford sports a flowing navy dress, revealing how youthful she looks at the age of 52

Apr 13, 2018
03:56 P.M.
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Model Cindy Crwaford stole all hearts as she stunned in an elegant navy blue gown at her recent appearance.


AmoMama shares details with you on a spectacular gown rocked by Cindy Crawford at an event and she looked more than dazzling with a light and infectious smile on her face as reported by Daily Mail on April 11, 2018.


Is Cindy Crawford really in her 50s or should the cops come take a look at her passport and birth certificate?

How does someone in her 50s look like she had just erupted from her early 20s?? Well, that seems to be the case of former model Cindy Crawford at her recent appearance.

She had recently attended an event in Beverly Hills, and the dress was more than well suited for the appearance.

The event was a shoe event owned by Lint, and Cindy made it to the event as a co-host with Sarah Flint and all eyes were on her.


She is a brand investor in the shoe company, and so was given the privilege to co-host and partake squarely in the event.

She endowed her legs with lace-up sandals and this completed her very gorgeous look.

A lot of celebrities had graced the occasion and some of them were Lisa Rinna and Maria Menounos.

Crawford and her friend Rinna had done away with make-up for the event but they looked entirely gorgeous and a made up face would not have really changed anything.


Sarah Flint later took a picture with her co-host and she was dressed in a white top and jean pants, and she carried a black sling bag to complement her looks.

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Lisa Rina had on a yellow floral dress that was very lengthy and a white inner that looked very beautiful on her.

The women were there to support a very good friend and it's great to see how things turned out great for each of them.

Cindy had become one of the investors of Flint in 2017, and she revealed later on that she had fallen in love with the shoes even before she met Sarah.


The shoes are Italian made, and Sarah Flint seemed to be making a lot of progress with the sale of her shoes.