'OutDaughtered' stars share a hilarious birthday party as TLC's beloved show returns

Apr 13, 2018
10:42 P.M.
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The parents opened up about the unusual theme for the celebration


According to an article published by People, parents-of-six and OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby recently spoke about the recent birthday bash in the family.

Blayke’s turned 7 on the 5th of April, and three days later, the quintuplets turned 3. The proud parents decided to celebrate both milestones together by hosting a birthday bash last weekend.

The Busbys shared that the theme of the birthday party was ‘Don’t be a party pooper.’ This unusual choice was made by Blayke herself since she was fascinated by the poop emoji used on social media.

When Danielle and Adam heard Blayke’s preference, they instantly approved of it, since it signified something bigger than the emoji in their view.


They shared that the theme was a hilarious and a meaningful one. In their view, it very relevant to their current phase, where the quintuplets had been potty trained, which called for a celebration.

The parents highlighted that it was also the first time the couple was celebrating outside their home and that it turned out to be a fun event.

Speaking about Blayke, Danielle expressed that she had grown up incredibly fast, especially in the past year.

Apart from gaining 4 inches in height and losing six of her milk teeth, Blayke had also started becoming a great source of help for her mother and the best version of the eldest sibling.


The mother also seemed to be thrilled by the quintuplets’ growth. She revealed that they loved to talk gibberish.


With this development, there are often multiple conversations happening simultaneously in one room, and although it might be a little noisy, Danielle couldn’t be prouder.

Danielle stated that she and Adam no longer felt like parents of 5 infants, but rather of 5 toddlers, which was a major change.

Another reason for the family to be overjoyed is that OutDaughtered was recently confirmed for the third season, which will air this year.

Not revealing too much information, Danielle teased that viewers who considered the last season to be intense will be surprised by the upcoming season.

With the personalities of the girls gradually unraveling and their communication abilities improving, the new season of the show will be full of new experiences.