Roseanne Barr reveals astonishing secret about her life before she starred in 'Roseanne'

Monica Otayza
Apr 15, 2018
10:26 P.M.
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Roseanne Barr recently revealed what she had to go through just for her to be able to survive. 


Now having the highest rated sitcom in the world, the millionaire comedian did not have the easiest time when she was younger. The comedian revealed that she used to be a prostitute who waited for customers in parking lots. 


The star said that she has no shame over the fact that she used to be a sex worker, doing it to earn money between comedy gigs when she waas barely making it. 

"I felt powerful and in control. I think prostitution should be legal, because the way any society treats prostitutes reflects directly on how it treats the highest, most powerful woman. They treat us like we're all prostitutes, that we can be bought. But you have to be a real strong woman to be a prostitute. You do. And a real intelligent woman."


Explaining more about how she believes prostitutes are often looked down upon and this should not be the case, 

"I don't like it when women talk down other women because they're prostitutes. I'm for prostitute rights. It's always been here, and women should be able to control it, and regulate it, and have some f***ing protection. Prostitution is a business. It's not about wanton women, from medieval times. It's a f***ing way to make money.’

To finish her statements, she says:

"The one who's buying always thinks that he's got the power, but he doesn't. The one who's supplying has got the power."