Woman spends thousands turning herself into a dragon – with horns and a forked tongue

Apr 16, 2018
06:14 P.M.
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In this age, many people are able to be the person they see themselves as and body modification is helping them live their dream.


AWM reported that a woman, who was a man and worked in a bank, decided to change her appearance to look like a mythological flying creature.

The transgender debate has everyone on edge these days. However, a woman has decided to take the issue even further. 

She identified herself as a gender different than the one assigned at birth. Later, she chose not to identify as a human but a reptile.

Eva Tiamat Medusa who lives in Bruni, Texas, spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and tattoos to transform herself into a reptile.

With scale tattoo patterns all over her body, and spikes implanted into her head she has definitely taken the transformation to the next level.


She even decided to slice off her nose so she could move her nostrils. She also dyed the whites of her eyes a reptilian green and has had her tongue forked.

Before her life as a dragon, Medusa worked as a high-powered vice president in a bank. She is now retired from work and spends her days being a reptile.

Medusa had a rough childhood after her family abandoned her when she was kindergarten age. It was then that she bonded with a western diamondback snake and has felt close to reptiles than humans.


Before transforming into a woman and eventually into a reptile, Medusa was diagnosed with HIV. It was then that she deiced to live her dream and become a reptile.

She said, “For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life. There are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.”

Medusa went on to explain her unique upbringing and how it has changed her forever. She said that she has had two mothers, one is her birth mother and her second birth was to her “reptilian parents,” the rattlesnakes.

After being diagnosed with HIV, she decided to not die as a human and now hopes that her transformation starts a conversation.

She added that she would like to see an open dialogue about the world of body modification. She hopes people are able to understand what it was like to live as a gay man for 53 years and now as a transsexual woman.