Here's what happens inside your stomach when you eat instant noodles

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 28, 2018
12:06 A.M.
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Instant noodles might have a  bad reputation for being unhealthy, but it still is a staple food for many due to its convenience. 


In most cases, the unhealthy aspects are often overlooked. Packets of instant noodles are also readily available and can be purchased, cheaply, from practically any supermarket. 

But exactly how harmful are the tasty meals? Holistic Living reported that r Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hosptial used a pill-sized camera to record over 20 hours of footage. 

The video was released in June 2013 to show what happens to our digestive system after we've eaten instant noodles. The conclusion was that instant noodles might be more harmful than we thought.  


Dr. Kuo conducted the same study on a person who ate homecooked ramen noodles and compared the results. It is important to note that instant noodles are devoid of fiber. 

As a result, the homecooked ramen noodles started to break down within two hours and could easily be worked out of the digestive system. 

Instant noodles, on the other hand, were still intact 20 hours later. The video footage showed the stomach and muscles contracting, trying to break the food up.

However, the preservatives in the noodles prevented that from happening. Health experts suggest returning to fresh, whole foods and cutting down on the intake of processed foods.


Source: FreePic

To achieve this effortlessly, Dr. Kuo and his team suggest preparing meals in advance with fresh produce which could be purchased from local farmer markets. 

Healthy Holistic Living also reported that instant noodles are also linked to metabolic syndrome and obesity, especially in women who ate instant noodles more than twice a week. 

Dr. Kuo realizes that the video is controversial, and he wants to reiterate that his study cannot prove how harmful noodles are. His research is simply to small for that. 

He cannot conclude at this stage and says it has to be investigated further. When asked if he would eat instant noodles, he answered that he does but in moderation.