'American Idol' judge suffers hilarious wardrobe malfunction, flashing her intimate parts on air

Rodolfo Vieira
Apr 18, 2018
05:12 A.M.
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Life doesn't always go as people want it to. In fact, sometimes, it can go in the opposite direction, which makes people angry for not being able to control it.


But there are some who have learned to embrace life's unpredictability. Katy Perry, the famous Pop singer, is one of those people. On Monday, April 16, she revealed her easy-going side to the world.

The Roar performer was sitting next to Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan on American Idol when she had a wardrobe malfunction that would leave others embarrassed, as reported by Entertainment Daily.

But she didn't feel embarrassed. In fact, she joked about it and even involved the audience. What happened was that her pants ripped in the middle of the show, exposing her buttocks.


Instead of feeling self-conscious and trying to hide the fact, Perry told everyone that her pants had split. To prove it, she stood up, turned around and spread her cheeks to those in attendance.

According to the source, Lionel Richie tried to grab Perry and force her to turn around while saying 'save the children,' which caused the audience to laugh even louder.

Bryan, a fellow judge on the talent show, didn't know what to say and the only thing that he could do was stare with a grin on his face. Richie eventually gave up and let the pop star go.


As reported by Entertainment Daily, a staff member shortly arrived to save the day. He brought a roll of duct tape to patch Perry's jumpsuit; it wasn't fancy, but it held the fabric in place until the end of the show.

Situations like this are quite common on television, especially on live shows, where anything that can go wrong tends to go wrong. Perry revealed to be a good sport and played along; she even shared the video of the incident on her Twitter page.