Man driving down a highway sees a van behaving weirdly. Suddenly, he slams his truck into him

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 18, 2018
03:51 P.M.
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The Norwich driver's quick-thinking saved the motorist's life.


Russell Dagless, 53, was driving along the A47 near Dereham, Norfolk when he saw a white van speeding down the street.

He also noticed the unconscious driver’s head slumping down onto his steering wheel.

"Something had to be done, looking back at it, it just seemed the natural thing to do at the time, so the dangerous side didn't really fall into my mind,” the Ben Burgess worker recalled thinking, according to Telegraph.

Dagless, from Norwich, placed his truck in the front of the white van as it was bouncing along the safety barrier.

Source: Freepik


He then slowly edged the two vehicles nearer and pushed the back of his HGV into the side of the van.

Using his trailer, Dagless pushed the white van into the divider and jam it so that it would slow down.

Other motorists who was riding in an SUV behind Dagless joined him to give the unconscious motorist first aid.

Dagless pulled up beside the driver, who lost consciousness due to a bleeding on the brain, to see his condition.


“He was absolutely collapsed, his head was down below the steering wheel on the driver’s door,” he told the Telegraph.

People began arriving from out of nowhere to help the unconscious driver.

First, the two guys who were first aiders arrived on the scene. Then, a fireman showed up. And finally, a woman turned up who was an off-duty paramedic.

Dagless was praised by his workmates at Ben Burgess plant and machinery hire. He explained that when he went to the depot, they were all standing and applauding.

The secretary of the Royal Humane Society, Dick Wilkinson, compared the scene to an "all-action movie." He said that Dagless' amazing action deserves an award.