George Stephanopoulos is no slouch in the bedroom. His wife admits they still have lots of sex

Pedro Marrero
Apr 18, 2018
08:31 P.M.
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George Stephanopoulos has shown what he is made of in his recent interview with former FBI director James Comey, but it seems he brings the same onrush to his love life.

An upcoming advice book written by the 53-year-old actress and comedian Ali Wentworth, delves on her and 57-year-old husband’s intimate relationship, sharing some of the prominent broadcaster’s qualities in the bedroom, as Page Six reported.

Wentworth has made the scandalous confession that she and ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, have intercourse so frequently that she is having trouble getting along to some of her female friends who are envious of her passionate marriage.


Her new book, Go Ask Ali, will be out on April 24 through the publishing house Harper, and it will definitively be worth reading considering it will feature more than just witty pieces of advice but a glimpse of the celebrity couple’s love life.

In a passage from her book, Wentworth claims that she can’t help but make her lady friends get furious when she confesses how much intimacy she has with her husband of 17 years, and this has resulted in her feeling left out at her friends’ gatherings.


‘The absolute lowest moment for me is when the time arrives for the fateful question: ‘How often do you and your husband have sex?’ I have lost friends with this question,’ Wentworth writes on her book.

She said that she is always apprehensive when she has to answer that question to her fellow married girlfriends, but she is not lying about it, no matter how miserable the others feel when they learn about her husband’s ferocity in bed.

According to her, her friends’ reaction is invariably the same after she takes a big breath and reveals the hard truth to them:

‘The women gasp and scream like I’ve confessed that I shot my dog. One of them always slams her fist down on the table; a woman’s wine glass once smashed in her hand. I’m sorry! We’re hot for each other. Jesus!,’ Wentworth recalls.