This restaurant is serving up a beef burger topped with an oven-roasted tarantula

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 18, 2018
06:52 P.M.
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This is one of the weirdest burgers ever made.


A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina made headlines all over the world for serving up a beef burger topped with an oven-roasted tarantula.

As reported by WGNTV, Bull City Burger and Brewery is serving up the $30 "tarantula burger" to celebrate the Exotic Meat Month.

Along with the picture of the burger, the restaurant tweeted: 'Martha did it yesterday, Randall did it today, and now it's David D's turn to give it a shot!'

The only way to get the tarantula burger is by winning the Tarantula Challenge.


According to the Bull City Burger and Brewery's website, interested participants should visit the restaurant to sign up for the Tarantula Raffle. Sign-ups run from March 22 through April 29, 2018.

The raffle draw began on April 4, 2018. The winners will be announced on their Facebook, Twitter, and official website.

Once the participant's number is drawn, he or she has to contact the restaurant and talk to a manager.

The manager and the winner will then arrange a date to purchase the Tarantula Burger with Dirty Fries for $30.

"If you are able to eat the entire burger you will receive one of our limited edition Tarantula Challenge t-shirts (sizes are limited) and get your picture taken for social media fame and glory," the website said.

Winners should call within two days or else the Tarantula Burger will be raffled off to another lucky winner.