Too broke to travel? $200 will take you coast-to-coast across America

A travel blogger laid out a budget plan for a coast-to-coast travel which will only cost you a little over two hundred dollars.

Derek Low devised a pocket-friendly travel adventure by train. The 3,397-mile trip will last for four days without any stopovers and you would be able to see the wonderful landmarks of the United States.

Low went into full detail and explained that the journey from San Francisco to New York will let you pass through eleven states.

Providr shared that Low’s budget plan will cover only regular coach seating. For your food and drinks, you can always head to the onboard café of the train.

Starting the journey in San Francisco en route to Chicago, California Zephyr tickets cost only $130.

An additional $83 is needed for an extended trip by transferring to the Lake Shore Limited train.

In total, the cost of the once-in-a-lifetime adventure will only be $213.

The Lake Shore Limited transfer will let you pass through the Midwest and Pennsylvania. 

In addition, you would be able to witness stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York.

The train will stop at Penn Station, right at the heart of Manhattan.

If you wish to do so, you can take detours and make a stop in Cleveland and Boston, capturing great sights all throughout.

For those who find it hard to plan out the trip themselves, Low offered to book the entire journey for only $49.

Having somebody else to book your trips for you will make you save time, as well as rid you the headache that will be caused by intricate planning.

If you are interested to mix things up and go by train instead of a plane, Low’s budget plan is the thing for you.

More details are posted on Low’s website at

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