ABC reveals date of 'Roseanne' marathon

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 19, 2018
05:44 A.M.
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The reboot season of the sitcom, Roseanne, is smashing all expectations, so much so that the network is planning a marathon of four episodes. 


On April 24, 2018, ABC will suspend its normal schedule to air the pilot episode, Twenty Years to Life, at 8 pm ET, followed by Dress to Impress, Eggs Over Not Easy, and Darlene v. David. 

Please note, this article contains spoilers.

As reported by Pop Culture, the third episode of season 10, Roseanne Gets the Chair, will not be in included in the 2-hour lineup. 

According to Broadway World, the pilot episode had the most significant total-viewer lift, across all networks, after three days of delayed viewing, adding more than 8.8 million viewers. 


The previous record of 5.9 million was reached by another ABC show, How To Get Away With Murder. 

With more than 18.4 million viewers who tuned in for the pilot episode on March 27, 2018, it's only logical that ABC would dedicate a 2-hour slot to one of the network's main attractions. 

Regular scheduling of Roseanne will resume on May 1, 2018, with episode 6, titled No Country for Old Women, and will include an appearance by Estelle Parson in the role of Bev. 

Bev, Roseanne and Jackie's mother, returned to the show during the fifth episode, Darlene v. David, after she was forced to leave her nursing home due to her promiscuity. 


Roseanne and Jackie learn that their stubborn mother could return to the nursing home, on condition that she writes an apology letter to management and staff. 


Bev later revealed that she didn't want to go back because she endangered her partners' lives by giving them an sexually transmitted disease. 

With Bev returning as a regular cast member, fans will have to wait until May to learn the details of her new adventure. She is bound to disturb the peace. 

Michael Fishman, who portrays the role of Roseanne's son, DJ, shared a behind-the-scenes peek while the cast was filming Darlene v. David

He tweeted a photo of Jackie's stunned expression when she opened the door to find her mother standing on the porch. 'Look at that face on the A camera,' he wrote in the caption.