Roseanne Barr reportedly wants a major pay increase. And it's a lot of money

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 19, 2018
01:33 P.M.
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Given the huge success the revival of Roseanne has accomplished, Roseanne Barr, its principal star, demanded to earn a lot more money than the rest of the cast.


Barr confessed that she never thought the show would get that much audience and now, according to Radar Online, she is asking $1 million per each episode. One of the most impressive aspects of it is that she wasn’t ‘particularly excited’ about the revival.

The source revealed that if Sara Gilbert, the actress who takes the role of Darlene Conner, Roseanne’s daughter, wouldn’t have arranged everything to make the revival, Barr would be at her home now.

It seems that nobody – not even producers – expected such a huge success as no actor was earning a lot of money and they had a ‘super tight’ budget.


Thankfully for all actors involved, things have changed and they can ask for more money. One of the most recent incorporations of the revival’s cast was Johnny Galecki, who will be portraying Darlene’s husband, David Healy.

Fans were deeply touched when he revealed he had a hard time being a husband and a father after his brother, Mark Healy, passed away. Mark’s role was portrayed by Glenn Quinn, who died of a heroin overdose.

David also shared that he left his family’s responsibilities to go on a long trip around the world with a charity group that used to build houses for poor people.


In that same episode, David confessed he had a new girlfriend and asked Darlene for the divorce. Things were not as he expected, though, as Darlene didn’t want to finish their marriage and they ended up in bed together.

They thought that starting a relationship again would be a good move, but Darlene asked Roseanne and Becky for advice and she realized it was a bad idea.

She told David her decision and asked him to be a better father. He agreed, and fans from all over the world cannot wait to see him again in the following episodes of the revival.