Waitress got a $400 tip from strangers. But the next day she got even more

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 20, 2018
11:38 A.M.
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A young woman struggling to earn a living and pay for her studies has her faith in humanity restored.


Cayla Chandara wanted to go to college, and after she finished high school she moved to Waikiki in her native Hawaii and enroled as a freshman in Business School. 

In order to make ends meet, pay for tuition and her keep, Cayla started working at The Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, her salary wasn't enough to face the expenses of living in Waikiki and paying for her education. 

Cayla was forced to take on a second job waitressing at a restaurant called Noi Thai Cuisine during the evenings. Inevitably she found herself with little time to spare for attending lectures and complete her assignments and was forced to drop out. 


The determined young woman decided to continue working, and save up enough money so that she could eventually go back to college and finish her Business Degree. One night a friendly Australian couple was seated in her section of the Thai restaurant, and Cayla started chatting to them.


The couple asked her about her life and Cayla told them that she was working two jobs in order to finance her college education. When the couple left she was amazed to see that they had given her a $400 tip, which was almost double the value of their dinner. 

Cayla ran out to thank them but the couple was gone. She remembered that during their conversation they had mentioned the hotel they were staying in, so the next day she brought them flowers and a note expressing her gratitude for their generosity. 


To her surprise, the next day the Australian couple walked into the restaurant and asked to speak to her. They told Cayla that they wanted to pay all of her outstanding debts, and her tuition so she could finish her studies.

Cayla was overwhelmed and tried to dissuade the generous duo, but they insisted. Thanks to their incredible gesture she is now back in college and has promised her Australian friends that she will make them proud.

In a world where so many people close their eyes to the difficulties other experience around them, this couple was a shining exception, and their generosity has given this young woman a promising future.

Cayla Chandara is determined that one day she will redeem her debt of gratitude by paying it forward and helping someone else make their dream come true.