While divorced woman tells husband that her son isn´t his. Man also reveals a secret

Apr 20, 2018
09:36 P.M.
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While she thought she was going to destroy him with the revelation, his response wasn't the one most people would have expected.


After five years of marriage, a couple, who couldn't stand each other by that time, decided it was best to go separate ways.

In a meeting, in which both parties' layers were present, the couple managed to have a friendly separation, being reasonable with the couple's goods.

Suddenly, the woman asked for something a little less friendly. "I'm taking the child," she said.

The husband, who wasn't agreeing with the petition, didn't keep himself quiet about it. "And why is that?" he asked.

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She said that the child was hers, claiming that he wasn't the child's father and instead, the result of an affair she had with the fifth-floor neighbor.

The husband, who didn't seem to care too much about the situation, calmly replied: "Pffff... It's not your child either!"

The woman was visibly affected by the comment and ragefully said: "What? What are you talking about? Who was the one in labor?"

The husband said: "Well, I don't really know. Do you remember the day he was born, while we were on the maternity wing, you told me he pooped himself and asked me to change him?"


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The woman, who at first seemed upset by the claims and now seemed confused about the conversation, asked: "Eh... Yeah... What about it?"

"So... I changed him!" he finally said.

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