Lions circle a trapped baby elephant, but then another elephant herd comes to the rescue

Feb 04, 2019
02:59 P.M.
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A baby elephant was stuck in a water trough. Lions were waiting for it to die but a herd of elephants came to save it. The entire incident was caught on video.

Witnessing what goes on in the wild opens our eyes that animals have feelings and care about their kind as well.

In a viral video shared by The Epoch Times, a baby elephant was rescued by a herd of elephants after it got itself stuck in a water trough.

The baby elephant was on its back with its four legs raised up in the air seemingly attempting to get itself out.

The mother elephant was seen on the video clearly worried and looked helpless as she was unable to save her own baby.


To make matters worse, a few lions are waiting from afar.

Just in time, a herd of elephants came rushing to help get the baby elephant out of its poor situation. The lions thankfully stayed out of the way.

On their first try, they were unsuccessful. Some of them were about to leave, but a couple of elephants wouldn’t give up. It urged the others to come back and help again.


They ended up trying three times but to no avail. In the end, only one elephant was left who refused to give up.It was the fourth attempt at saving the baby elephant.

On its own, using its legs and trunk, it was able to successfully pull the baby out.

Some of the elephants who left came back to congratulate the one who was able to save the baby.

The mother elephant came running and rushed towards her baby the moment it was set free.

As she walked away with her exhausted baby, she looked back at the others and seemed to show her gratitude and thanked them.