One-hour-old newborn twins have their first conversation. Guess what they are talking about

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 24, 2018
10:02 P.M.
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A woman gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. The children happened to be twins who both survived their births and were healthy.


After they were all clean and wrapped up in blankets and warm hats, their mother deiced to make a video of them. According to Uplift, the children appeared to be communicating.

Not much has been researched about whether babies can talk to each other or not. A woman who gave birth to twins lay them next to each other and saw an amazing interaction

While they were in their mother’s stomach, the two girls probably found a way to communicate as they grew. The pair formed a bond and got to know each other somewhat.


So when one twin disappeared as they were being delivered the other twin in their mother’s stomach probably wondered where they’d gone to. Meeting again in their new world must have come as a shock to them.

As they lay next to each other in a cot, one twin would make a sound while the other one would appear to be listening. Then the quiet one would sort of ‘speak’ while the other one ‘listened.’


This amazing display seemed to be the twins’ way of checking up on each other. They appeared to be discussing their deliveries and new world.

It hasn’t been proven yet, but the video of the twins speaks volumes and makes one wonder. Perhaps technology will advance to a point when a mother will be able to communicate with her unborn children.

That’s when we’ll know for a fact if they can talk or not.