Camera records police officer saving 3-year-old child while parents stand by helplessly

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 25, 2018
12:20 A.M.
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Bethany Hoover and John Geis experienced the worst thing in their lives when their son stopped breathing.


Geis called 911 and the first officer who responded was Chase Miller, who arrived at the scene just one minute after Geis made the call. Thanks to the dashboard camera in Miller’s car, everybody witnessed what he did

According to American Web Media, Hoover was holding the boy’s limp body when Miller got out of his car and placed him on the ground. He began performing CPR while Geis was trying to calm Hoover.

A couple of seconds later, Miller asked Geis to come help him deliver the thrusts while he quickly ran to his car to look for a CPR mask. He got back and used the mask to keep the CPR process while the paramedics arrived.


Thankfully, Miller managed to revive the boy, who was then transported to the hospital to check what was wrong. According to Washington Post, Brayden, 3, had a seizure after suffering a high fever.

It was later revealed that Miller was not sent to the scene. When Geis called 911, Miller was listening to the EMS dispatcher radio and, since he was a couple of yards away from the place where the incident took place, he decided to show up and help.


Deputy Granbury Police Chief Jim Marshall confessed that Miller responded just like they would hope for an officer as he was calm and knew exactly what to do from the moment he heard the emergency call.

A couple of weeks later, Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett gave Miller a lifesaving award. Geis, Hoover, and Brayden were there to thank and congratulate him. The toddler even gave him a hug. It was also revealed that Miller was an ‘extremely humble man.’

‘We found out he didn’t even tell his wife about saving the child’s life when he got home that night. In his mind, he was just doing his job.’

Deputy Granbury Police Chief Jim Marshall, Washington Post, October 21, 2016.