Twins were born 8 years ago. Now, they're dubbed 'the most beautiful twins in the world'

Pedro Marrero
Apr 24, 2018
06:23 P.M.
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This family never imagined the future path that their lovely daughters would have opened in their lives.


Jaqi Clements brought into this world two beautiful baby girls on July 7, 2010. She never expected that the twins would be considered for many as the most beautiful pair of sisters in the world, as reported by American Web Media.

The stunning faces of Ava Marie and Leah Rose caused such an impact in the people that take a look on them, that their mother had received the constant advice of entering the girls in the modeling industry.

Clements could not deny her twin girls look just as angels, so she took the determination make contact with a modeling agent by the time that Ava Marie and Leah Rose turned 6 months old.


That first attempt at getting the baby girls into modeling didn’t go as Clements thought it would be, so she quickly shoved the idea off and concentrated on raising them up along with their big brother.


Despite the two young girls didn’t succeed at their initial modeling search, people persisted on the comments about their fabulous blue eyes and stunning smiles. So the modeling idea was constantly on Clements’ head.

Ava and Leah continued to grow and when they reached 7 the odds turned in their favor and both girls received a great opportunity to demonstrate what they have to offer to the industry.


Their mother suggested the little girls that if they really wanted to they could begin to receive some modeling instruction and she was not surprised with the twins’ enthusiastic reaction.

The first photo shot the girls got, was for a neighbor and family friend that opened a children’s boutique and needed some nice images to use for her new business. Clements rapidly grabbed her camera and took some nice pictures of the girls.


The mother posted the photo of the twins on her social media and suddenly the image of the little girls went viral, and calls from different agencies began to rain with many offers for Ava and Leah.

After weighing their chances, Clements decided to sign a contract with two different agents in California and the demanding has not stopped since then. No one imagined how a few Instagram posts would turn everything around.