Groom stops wedding ceremony admitting he loves someone else, and points to a guest

Apr 25, 2018
05:01 A.M.
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A Portuguese man professed his love for another girl in the middle of his own wedding. After his vows, he pointed at the girl sitting on one of the pews.


There are lots of weddings that turn sour. What is supposed to be a happy occasion becomes a grim one all because one person decided he or she doesn’t really love the person standing in front of him or her at the altar.

This wedding, in particular, has a different and unexpected turnout. The groom proclaimed his love for another girl but it still turned out to be a happy ending for everyone.

During his wedding, Jefferson was just about done saying his vows to Jessica when he stopped the ceremony to proclaim his love for, none other than, Jessica’s daughter.

The groom claimed that little Giovanna had changed his life for the better. When Giovanna stepped forward, Jefferson made a promise to give her the same amount of love and care that he would provide Jessica.


Goodfullness shared the viral video of the memorable moment, which received more than ten million views and hundreds of comments on Youtube. Even though they were speaking in Portuguese, it was evident that the room was filled with so much love and compassion.

Jefferson went on to list all the things he could do to make Giovanna’s life better.


Afterward, Giovanna hugged her new father and said thank you to him.

Everyone, from the guests to the bride, was in tears. Jessica stood behind her daughter while watching the special moment happening before her eyes.

Not all children are blessed with a kind and loving stepfather or stepmother. There are some who aren’t so lucky to be so close to each other. 

Giovanna is a lucky child to have been blessed with a good stepfather who loves her dearly.