10 signs you're being visited by your Guardian Angel

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 26, 2018
08:22 A.M.
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Many people believe that there are spirits that are assigned to each and every one of us. These spirits are our guardian angels.


One woman never believed in such things until an incident made her think twice. A dream she had led her to a place and time where she needed to be according to Shared.

Five years ago, the woman and her husband both lost their jobs only a week apart from each other. The couple had just bought a new house and was planning on having children.

Her husband wanted to call it quits after struggling to find work within a few months. The woman’s life suddenly turned upside down and she felt depressed, unmotivated, and lonely.

The couple was forced to sell their house and split whatever they owned. She moved to the city and looked for work but no one wanted to hire her, although she was qualified for every position she applied for.


At that point, she felt like the universe was against her up until she noticed something strange. For a week she had the exact same dream every night.

She would dream of walking into a brown building she’d never seen before that had lots of stairs. The last day the dream came was when she found that very building, which was only a few blocks away from her apartment.


To her surprise, the building was a firm and they were looking for someone with her qualifications. It was the type of firm she had always dreamt of working for and she got the job.

This experience made her believe that her guardian angel had been leading her all along. For those who want to see and know the signs that their guardian angel is reaching out, here are ten clues:

1. Finding a feather on your path: Stumbling unexpectedly upon a feather, particularly a white, it may be a sign that your guardian angel is calling for you.

2. Babies and pets acting strangely: Babies and pets are believed to be pure souls who are able to sense a guardian angel's presence. If you see them concentrating somewhere where there is nothing, chances are they're probably looking at a guardian angel.


‘If you're in the comfort of your own home, don't be alarmed by flickering lights. Think about what you were doing or thinking last. This may be a sign that your guardian angel wants you to think over something.’

Shared, February 2, 2018

3. Finding coins in odd places: Guardian angels sometimes send you small ‘gifts,’ in unlikely places such as coins, shiny pebbles, or trinkets. These items aren’t there by mistake.

4. The sound of music: Music that sounds angelic, as if a choir of angels is singing, is your guardian angel trying to let you know that they're close and looking after you.


5. Flickering lights: Whether it's a sudden bright light, a colored orb, or flickering lights, a unique luminescence is a sign that your guardian angel is close by and protecting you.

6. Having to question if something is a coincidence: An example of this could be flipping pages through a book, scrolling through your phone or TV channels, when you suddenly come across "the right words" that help give sense to your situation.


7. Certain smells: Guardian angels are associated with certain smells, like flowers, perfume, vanilla, and even aftershave. If a strong fragrance fills the air and then suddenly disappears, this means that your guardian angel is close by.

8. Changes in temperature: Abnormal temperature fluctuations are a sign that your guardian angel is close by. A sudden chill may mean that they want you to keep your guard up and a warm on is for reassurance that everything will be okay.

9. Strange dreams: Dreams are an important mechanism for your angels to give you subtle messages.

10. Sensing a presence: If you're in an empty room and don't feel like you're the only one there, you're probably not. If this happens often, that's probably not a good sign, but if it's happened to you once or twice, your guardian angel is trying to tell you something.