Cop took one look at an elderly woman’s kitchen, and instantly headed to the grocery store

Apr 25, 2018
01:34 A.M.
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Two Gainesville police officers were tasked to do a welfare check on an elderly woman. Once they saw her kitchen, they immediately wanted to help.


Officers Kristen Miller and Jessica Van were the ones who responded to a call to check up on the old woman. They didn’t know what to expect. They, later on, told the whole story on their Facebook page.

The elderly woman was 92 years old and her family was worried for her since her electricity and water had been recently cut.

Miller and Van arrived in the 92-year-old woman’s house and they discovered that all the food in her refrigerator had become rotten and that she was also out of water supply.

Miller also found out that the old woman had no means of transportation and had no way to go to the store.


Both police officers were saddened by what they discovered. They eventually decided to help out and give the elderly all the basic things she needed, as shared by American Web Media.

Van stayed by the elderly woman’s side while Miller went to the nearest store to buy food and water using her own money.

On the Facebook post, the police department went on to share that they have been working on having the 92-year-old woman’s electricity and water back.


‘The elderly female and her family were very grateful for Officer Miller’s selfless act and were glad to have her respond the way she did. This is what 90% of police work is about. We are PROUD to SERVE,’ the police department wrote.

The officers also pointed out that the incident is one example of what they have been doing every single day for a lot of people that, most of the time, goes unnoticed.

Many social media users expressed their awe and gratitude for the two police officers in the comments section of the post.