Little girl can’t say 'Ice Cream' so she makes up a new word for it

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 25, 2018
06:19 A.M.
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A little girl has endeared many people for saying "camtono" instead of "ice cream".


A video of Detla uploaded by her father has gone viral. Many people found the way she mispronounced ice cream cute and hilarious.

The video, re-shared on Facebook by Daily Mail on August 30, 2017, has been viewed 30 million times and has earned almost half a million likes.

Detla's father had planned on taking her to an ice cream store. He ended up laughing so hard because of how she pronounces "ice cream" as "camtono".

The father and daughter live in Michigan.

The viral video has been shared almost half a million times and has also drawn 160,000 comments.


One of the most popular comments, by Ram Kumar, reads: 'I'm going to open an ice cream shop and I'll name it Camtono."

Another Facebook user, Sharon Mayor, wrote: "I actually think she's trying to say McDonalds. Maybe that's where she has her ice creams."

Other people shared similar funny stories involving their own children.

Mary Anne Halverson shared: "My son would not say ketchup. He would say yepit. Even when we broke it down just like this little girl. He would say katch up but when we put it together it was YEPIT!"

According to Mayo Clinic, a child begins to imitate speech sounds by the end of 12 months. By this time, a child can start saying a few words, such as "dada", "mama", and "uh-oh."


This is also the time when a child begins to understand simple instructions like "Come here."

A child can say as many as eight to 10 words by the end of 18 months.

By the end of 24 months, the child can normally speak at least 50 words. He or she can use simple phrases, like "more milk". He or she can also begin to follow simple commands and understand simple questions.