Selena Gomez allegedly thinks about Justin Bieber every day despite their recent split

Apr 25, 2018
03:40 A.M.
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Selena and Bieber may have put a pause on their relationship, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking about each other. AmoMama learns from Hollywood Life’s source that JB is on Selena’s mind constantly.


Although Selena Gomez, 25, and Justin Bieber,24, put a pause on their relationship over a month ago, they seem to be constantly connected. This is not the first time the couple is cooling things off but it certainly seems like Bieber is handling it much better this time than the last. He was spotted parting in Coachella but nothing outrageous this time. Also, he has been on better behavior this time than ever before in previous breakups. On her part, Gomez reportedly flew to Germany on business but she is thinking about her ex.


A source told HL that Bieber is constantly on the singer’s mind but she is content with that for the moment.   “Selena thinks about Justin every day still. She’s always seeing or hearing something that brings him to mind, so he’s pretty much always with her in her head, and she’s content with just that for now.” 

The source further said that the songstress is not looking for love right now.

“Selena isn’t looking to date anyone right now, she really wants to take time to focus on her emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The kidney transplant last year took a much harder toll on Selena than she ever imagined it would—not physically so much, but mentally. It’s pushed Selena to take stock and re-evaluate everything, her goals, friendships, career, and even her purpose in life. Selena feels like she’s going through a time of transition, and that she’s growing spiritually—she’s meditating every day, in addition to practicing mindfulness and doing yoga—and, she’s feeling more calm, and at peace, than she ever has.”


The songstress is in Germany to meet up with Puma with whom she collaborated on a pair of shoes that sold out. She posted on her Instagram page that she was setting up funds to go to the Lupus Alliance Foundation, which works to fight the autoimmune disease she battles.

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