Stop what you're doing! Have you ever seen how a baby donkey relaxes on a swinging hammock?

Apr 25, 2018
08:26 A.M.
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The feeling of sheer joy on this donkey's face is too precious as his owners give him some special treatment.


Humans lying in a hammock to relax and get a much-deserved rest is a common thing. A baby donkey getting a somewhat 'royal treatment' on a hammock - now that's something one doesn't get to see every day.

According to Inspiring, Leo is a baby donkey from Goiania, Brazil, who loves cozying up in a hammock and cuddling by himself to relax almost every day.

A video clip that was taken in August 2015, the baby donkey can be seen during one of its relaxation sessions, as it cuddles up in the hammock and enjoys the experience of being taken care of by its owners.


After a few seconds, it can even be noticed that the baby donkey has a smug smile on its face, which suggests that it is taking great pleasure in being pampered by the people who are swinging the hammock for him.

At one point in the video, Leo can even be seen stretching himself. It seemed that donkey already expected what was next in store for its special treatment.

Soon enough, a young girl and a woman approach the animal and begin to give it a 'spa-like treatment' with a belly rub. Leo seemed to love the special message as he can be seen stretching more and more.