Girl hasn't cut her nails in 4 years – and this is what it looks like!

Apr 25, 2018
06:56 P.M.
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This teenager has made an interesting hygiene choice, and admits it gets in the way of other activities. 


16-year-old German girl Simone Taylor has not cut her finger or toe nails since August 2014, and they have since grown to a horrifying six inches. 

As reported by Shared, Taylor makes use of strengthening nail polish to make sure her nails don't break, and it takes her a staggering 90 minutes to remove her nail polish each time. 

“It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me,” she explained.


During the first year of growing them out, Taylor added that every day she thought to herself that she would cut them the following day, but she just never did.

While many might consider looking after such long nails a mission, but for Taylor, she absolutely love tending to them. 

But there are some tasks that are just too much to handle with her six-inch talons. Writing exams is a problem for her, and after an hour of writing her hands begin to hurt tremendously. 


When she uses the computer, she can only type using her knuckles, making it a long chore.

Students in Germany are not subject to a dress code at school. Teachers at her school have tried to convince her to cut them, but Taylor has admitted they will never succeed, even though her PE grades are suffering. 

Despite everything they do get in the way of, Taylor confesses that the question she is asked the most is how her nails interfere with her going to the bathroom. 

But for her, it isn't a problem, and she admits that they don't get in the way there. She does, however, have to be careful when it comes to showering, as her nails can get stuck in her hair.