Video shows scuba diving soldier's homecoming as he surprises his family

Apr 26, 2018
04:56 A.M.
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A man gave his family a surprise when they least expected it.


Inspired reported that Bethany Bronson and her children were enjoying a swim in the Pacific Ocean when someone jumped out of the water right behind them.

Bethany and her four children were taking a leisurely dip in the ocean just off the beach in Okinawa Island in southern Japan. They were certainly missing Capt. Hyrum Bronson, the family’s father and husband.

A family friend then suggested that they record a video message for him. He was about to complete his six-month tour in Afghanistan.

The man asked the children what would they say if their father was with them at the moment. Charity replied that she would “love him for always.”


Bethany too expressed that she loved him and missed him while he was away.

The friend told them that he was going to send the recorded message to Capt. Bronson on Facebook.

Just then, something approached them underwater and out of nowhere, a man, clad in military scuba gear, surfaced behind them. It was only when he stood upright in the waist-deep water did the family realize who it was.


They were taken aback when they saw that standing in front of them was a U.S. Air Force doctor who was supposed to be serving in Afghanistan. 

They had not expected him to return for another three weeks. But he did return early to surprise them and bring a smile on their faces.

Bethany could hardly contain her excitement as Captain Bronson announced, “Mrs. Bronson, your husband’s here reporting for duty.”

She was speechless and happy tears rolled down her cheeks. The children were excitedly on seeing their father after a long time.

The husband and the wife hugged each other for a long time, while the children made their way to their parents to be part of the hugs.


The happy wife then posted the surprise homecoming video on YouTube and it instantly became a hit garnering more than 18 million likes.

Bethany revealed that her husband was home for only a month between three months of training in the United States and six months in Afghanistan. 

Describing him as ‘sneaky,’ she wrote that the family could not believe he was finally back home.