Granny, 80, looks unrecognizable after makeup

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 26, 2018
01:27 P.M.
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Livia who is 80-years-old decided one day that she wanted to change her look. She enlisted the help of her granddaughter, Tea Flego.


It just so happened that Flego was a makeup artist. She took the challenge and the results were so astonishing that the two became internet sensations.

Flego took her grandmother's challenge because she wanted to show the world how makeup could take 20 years away from your face if done correctly. When social media caught wind of the transformation they started sharing the images.

The images and video showed Flego’s great makeup techniques. However, the images and video were mainly shared because people loved the bond the two shared.


Livia became an internet celebrity since her debut project. She proved to the public that age shouldn’t limit a person under any circumstances.

“I love my grandma and being in a nursing home and getting information about reactions all over the world means a lot for her.”

Tea Flego, Facebook, December 16, 2015

The pictures that went viral showed that Livia had enjoyed the whole transformation. Despite the makeup, Flego’s grandmother radiated positivity with her mere presence.


The transformation clearly boosted the 80-year-old’s confidence and she took her new found fame with ease. At the same time, it was quite evident that she was very proud of her granddaughter’s work.


Livia wasn’t the only one who benefitted from the makeover though. Flego garnered an increasing number of social media followers since that small project.


Livia has since featured as her granddaughter’s model in many videos which Flego uploaded to her social media. Both women are riding the social media fame wave for as long as they can.

The relationship between the pair has also been going strong since the images first surfaced on the internet. They enjoy each other’s company and their followers love seeing them work together.