10-year-old 'Miracle Wilderness Boy' describes how he survived being lost in the woods

The ten-year-old boy was lost in the woods for 30 hours. He shared how he managed to survive the wilderness with his father’s help.

Malachi Bradley had no help when he strayed off-course while he and his family were hiking in Utah.

Luckily, his dad had taught him basic survival skills that helped him as he waited to be rescued.

Malachi got lost when he went searching for some wild mushrooms to go with the fish he caught somewhere near Paul Lake.

His family became worried when he never returned to their campsite.

Malachi’s parents were panicking because their poor ten-year-old boy was alone in such a rugged terrain.

Recalling that moment, Malachi’s mother said in an interview that she wasn’t going to accept that she would never see her son again.

They searched for hours and finally, a full day and six hours later, Malachi was found by the men searching for a chopper.

The boy’s parents weren’t able to comprehend their joy when they laid eyes on their child again.

Later on, Malachi was asked how he managed to survive in the woods.

He revealed that his father had taught him ways to stay as comfortable as possible in the wilderness.

Malachi showed how he was able to get drinkable water using the hood of his jacket as a filter.

He also showed how he managed to stay warm by crouching down and covering his whole body using only his sweater.

The news of Malachi’s disappearance, as well as how he managed to survive made the headlines in various news channels, as revealed by Share Tap.

Malachi also received a warm welcome at his school and he was cheered on by his classmates as he walked on a red carpet in honor of his bravery and second chance at life.

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