Remember Warren Beatty's daughter, Kathlyn? She's not a girl anymore but a handsome man, Stephen

Apr 27, 2018
12:06 A.M.
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The famous Hollywood actor opened up about his transgender son, who changed his gender from female to male.


Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's son Stephen Ira began transitioning at the age of 14. Once known as Kathlyn Elizabeth, today he is a handsome, grown-up man and a proud transgender.

According to People, Betty stated that Stephen, who is the eldest of four siblings, was a revolutionary, a genius, and a hero for showing courage to change his gender from female to male. His mother, Bening, has also stated that she was proud of him.

Stephen, who is a renowned poet and writer, revealed back in 2014 that he was a survivor of conversion therapy and transphobic abuse.


Answering people's query about his gender and identity, Stephen even wrote and posted Answer to Seven Questions on a website for transgender people, We Happy Trans.

Stephen's siblings are 23-year-old Benjamin, 20-year-old Isabel, and 17-year-old Ella. Beatty and Bening are living in Los Angeles with two of their children, as per Vanity Fair.

However, Beatty stated that he was feeling good about seeing their children leave the family house and find their own independent lives.


He compared the feeling with a poem written by the French poet, Paul Valery, which talks about how parents eventually have to let their children go.

Beatty is one of the most celebrated actors and filmmakers in Hollywood. He is 80 years old and is still very much active in the entertainment industry.

He worked on one of his most recent projects titled Rules Don't Apply in 2016. He also wrote, directed, and produced the film.