Woman warns other moms after her baby nearly died from a car seat

Apr 27, 2018
01:19 A.M.
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A woman almost lost her baby due to keeping her in a car seat for a long hour of time.


Christopher Clark is warning the parents all over the world about the potential dangers of keeping babies for too long in the car seats.

According to Parenting Isn't Easy, Clark wants to aware other people after her newborn suffered from oxygen deprivation and began foaming at the mouth after he was kept in a car seat for over two hours.

Kirsti and Christopher Clark were on the road with their 3-week-old baby, Harber, but they made sure to get him out of the car seat every time they stopped.

On their way home, the couple got stuck in the traffic. When they later arrived home, Kirsti took her baby out of the seat to play on the mat.


Kirsti revealed that when they got home, it was already past her other daughter, Malena's bedtime. So she left Harper in the car seat for about 15 minutes as she got Malena into bed.

When her husband got Harper out of the car seat and into his knees, it was immediately apparent that something was not right. Harper's lips seemed blue and they could see how red her cheeks had turned.

The source informed that the baby then 'clenched her draw' and then started foaming at the mouth and the nose.'

"My husband was holding her and patting her back and I was trying to get her mouth open to make sure she didn’t swallow her tongue but her jaw was clenched shut. It wasn’t like a normal seizure, she was arching her back and throwing her head back,” Kirsti explained.


The couple then made a traumatizing trip to the hospital. But, fortunately, the hospital staff were able to make the baby breathe again. They were then given the good news that Harper would recover in no time.

After learning that her baby had suffered from oxygen deprivation due to long time spending in the car seat, Kirsti is now committed to sharing her story with as many people as possible.