Dog sacrifices himself when the owner faces a mortal rattlesnake threat

Apr 27, 2018
11:36 A.M.
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Haus, a loving German shepherd, sacrificed himself for his 7-year-old owner when she was about to get bitten by a rattlesnake in Florida.


When Donya DeLuca rescued Haus, a 2-year-old German shepherd from Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue in Tampa, Florida, two months ago, her husband, Adam, wasn't convinced.

According to Today, the dog recently proved his loyalty saving Molly, the couple's daughter, from a possible attack. when a rattlesnake showed up in the family’s backyard.

According to NY Daily News,  Haus jumped between Molly and the snake, withstanding three venomous bites from the snake while he was protecting the 7-year-old.

“He instantly positioned himself between the snake and Molly, so at first, she and her grandma didn’t even realize what he was staring at, but then all of a sudden there was all of this blood," DeLuca said.

Source: Joxi


She also revealed that it's common for him to sweep the yard or check everything out when he goes out, as he's always protecting their children.

Haus is currently fighting against the deadly rattlesnake venom at BluePearl, a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital in Tampa.


The snake infected Haus with too much venom for normal treatment to do the job. His doctors have him on a constant drip of anti-venom.

DeLuca explained that this approach isn't the norm in these situations, as common practice is to only give one or two doses of the treatment.

According to American Web Media, authorities believe the snake was an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, some of the most dangerous snakes on the continent.

"It’s semi-miraculous, his condition. What keeps me going is how he still flicks his tail every time he sees me come into his kennel even though I know he’s hurting," DeLuca said.