$1,700,000.00 penny! Do you have one in your pocket?

Apr 27, 2018
10:42 A.M.
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Even if the majority of the people consider pennies to be useless coins available in the United States, there are a few coinage aficionados that can make a fortune out of a few coins.


There are some specific coins from the from a couple of years in the 70s, along with other old-fashioned pennies that are valued very high in the isolated markets and are hunted down by collectors who are willing to shell out a handsome amount.

As Do You Remember pointed out, the specific pennies that can make people extremely ‘rich’ are made of copper with a 1943 stamp. These coins have the face of Abraham Lincoln on it. They demand a value of $10,000.

These coins are valuable because, during that era, the U.S. had just started making pennies out of steel since copper was supplied for manufacturing in the war zones.


Despite the memo, people accidentally manufactured a copper batch of pennies. Although they tried their best to recall them all, a few of them were left the facility.


knowing the value of these vintage coins, scammers have creating forged coins over the years to make money. One needs to be very cautious to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones.


The 1955-doubled die penny was the result of a minor alignment error during its minting process.

As a result, the Lincoln face remained unaffected but the words looked ‘blurry.’ This coin, if found in mint condition, can rake up to $1,800.


In 2004, the Wisconsin State quarter holds a historic place. More than 453 million Wisconsin quarters were manufactured in that year but only a few thousands were marked with an additional leaf on a husk of the corn.

Some sections of the society believe that the employees did it on purpose with the intention of making it a rare coin. Depending on the condition of the coin, it can demand a value of $1,499.


The no-mint mark Roosevelt dime is another such valued coin. All the coins have a printed letter on them indicating the location where they were manufactured.

The Philadelphia mint forgot to put their mark on a Roosevelt dime in their 1982 batch.

Although it is difficult to ascertain the number of coins released to the public, this coin was the first error recorded in the history of coins. Today, these coins can be sold at a value of $300.

If people have an eye for the minor details in a coin, they can earn a fortune by simply selling pennies, quarters and dimes.